Catalyst & Adsorbent

Bed Grading/Refining

A unique aspect of the bed design technology is its proprietary AFS (active filtration system) bed protection filter disk grading technology. This technology is used to filter fines in hydrotreating units, sulfur guard beds and chloride guard beds. Any solid specimen that may cause premature EOR pressure drop conditions can be filtered. with proven and patented technology significantly increases lifetimes of pressure sensitive units, up to 200%.
Multiple problems can be addressed in a single vessel. For the removal of sulfur, chloride species and other impurities from refining or petrochemical feedstreams, With trademark layered bed design technology matches their diverse line of purification absorbents and catalysts to the specific impurity type, concentration, temperature and other relevant purification conditions.
  • AFS Series.
  • Guard Technology Products.
  • CGS Series of Active Rings.
  • Main Bed processing.