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semi-finish ceramic ball

ceramic ball sorting
High alumina & Ceramic balls, also known as support ball were very important component in the catalytic process in the refinery, gas processing and petrochemical industry.

Ceramic ball also was known as inert ball and catalyst support media. It is commonly used to support catalyst and adsorbents products in the vessel or reactor. Its main function is to act as packing material and at the same time to support the catalyst bed in order to prevent breakthrough or loss of catalyst or adsorbent materials downstream of the reactor vessels due to the high pressure and temperature inside the reactor vessels during the operation.

Ceramic ball come up with a few different sizes, which are 1”,3/4”, ½”, ¼” and 1/8”. The size was arranged layer by layer at the top and bottom of the vessel, with different sizes of ceramic ball.

Quality Control from Manufacturing to the Customer

drop test
To ensure that our balls are impact resistance and able to withstand from chips and cracks during installation.
This would prevent the presure drop and catalyst deficiency that could lead to unplanned shutdown.
shape and size
This test verifies the uniformness of the balls size that could affect the flow distribution trends.
This factor will enhance the appropriate reaction by allowing uniform and consistence flow distribution.
crushing strength
To detect any mechanical defact that could affect performance and ability to protect the catalyst in rough operating conditions.

To ensure the excellent quality, we performed the following testings;
  • Chemical Analysis.
  • Leachable Iron.
  • Water absorption test.
  • High pressure-thermal shock test.
  • Support Ball Loading Diagram

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